Durabond Marine Dikiş İpliği-1438 Lacivert
Durabond Marine Dikiş İpliği-1438 Lacivert

DURABOND Marine Sewing Yarn-1438 Navy Blue (ERVA0807)

Price : $25.29  + VAT
Vat included : $27.82


Artır Azalt

Durabond Marine sewing thread reduces water passage from the needle hole to 90 %thanks to its water repulsive coating. Thanks to advanced technology UV contributions, it provides high color resistance and rupture strength even in challenging marin conditions. A coil is 2500 meters long. It is a 30 count sewing thread. *For bulk purchases, please contact whatsapp order line. *There may be small tone differences due to photo shoots in product colors. *It is forbidden to use images by other people and institutions. The right to use visuals belongs only to Brandamarketim.com. If it is determined that the visuals are used, the legal action will be initiated.

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