HSGM Marka Isı Kaynaklı Kumaş Kesme Makinası
HSGM Marka Isı Kaynaklı Kumaş Kesme Makinası

HSGM- Fabric Cutting Machine (ERVA0671)

Price : $227.52  + VAT
Vat included : $273.02


Artır Azalt
HSGM brand acrylic fabric machine, acrylic fabrics can be cut easily and properly thanks to the heat source. Machine is sent with the tip. TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Network voltage: 230V-50Hz (110V-60hz) Entrance Power: 60W Intermittent study: 12sn./48Sn. Protection Class II 2 m long electric cable Weight: 1.0 kg *For bulk purchases, please contact whatsapp order line. *It is forbidden to use images by other people and institutions. The right to use visuals belongs only to Brandamarketim.com. If it is determined that the visuals are used, the legal action will be initiated.
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