Sunbrella Plus Marine Blue-5031

Sunbrella Plus Marine Blue-5031 (ERVA0573)

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Vat included : $54.09


Artır Azalt
Surface Feature: Acrylic Usage Area: General usage areas are boats. Product features: • It does not fade or rot after exposure to the sun. • Water, sun, salt and wind resistant. • Resistant to UV rays. • Dirt, oil and mold do not hold. • Antibacterial. • Thanks to double coating, there are superior water resistance (two sides fluorine carbon, one side acrylic resin). • Waterproof and breathable structure. • The width of the fabrics is 152 cm. There is 50 meters in a ball. Every purchase you make means 1 meter. 2 purchases are 2 meters. For example; When you add 1 to the basket, your order will be taken as 1 meter (length) x 1.52 (en) meters. When you add 2 to the basket, your order will be taken as 2 meters (length) x 1,52 (en) meters. *For bulk purchases, please contact whatsapp order line. *There may be small tone differences due to photo shoots in product colors. *It is forbidden to use images by other people and institutions. The right to use visuals belongs only to If it is determined that the visuals are used, the legal action will be initiated.
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